अपाने जुह्वति प्राणं प्राणेऽपानं तथापरे | प्राणापानगती रुद्ध्वा प्राणायामपरायणा: अपरे नियताहारा: प्राणान्प्राणेषु जुह्वति | सर्वेऽप्येते यज्ञविदो यज्ञक्षपितकल्मषा: ||

50-HR Restorative Pranayama- Mind and Body healing with breath awareness for absolute well-being

even if you are too Lazy

Unlock Ancient Secrets with 50 Hrs Pranayama Course: Elevate Mind-Body Connection

Over 10,000 people have benefited from 20 minutes of daily Pranayama practice and have become healthier. It's your turn now.

50 Hours Pranayama ( Breathwork) Course for Beginners
Recorded Video Classes with 6 Months Access

Oxygen and Health

Understand the connection of oxygen and health. Increase your lung capacity and breath in healthy life with yogic Pranayama practice

Breathe for Wellness!

12 Lifestyle diseases and daily practice set for easy to manage your lifestyle disease of today and tomorrow. Get ready Get Healthy

Healing with Breath

14 Techniques, 35 Methods and 50 hours of Evidence-based pranayama system for your complete healing.

Discover the hidden links between ancient Pranayama techniques and modern breathwork strategies. Unravel how this fusion supercharges not only individual wellness but also offers yoga professionals a unique edge in their practice.

50- Hrs Video

Cover everything in Breathing and prana

35- Methods

14 Yogic Breathing Techniques 35 Methods for healing

170- Learning

Microlearning lesson methods for quick referrals

8- Yoga Guru

Designed and evaluated by 8 Eminent Yoga Gurus

Combat Lifestyle Ailments with the Restorative Power of Pranayama in Our Healing Reset Program

Say bye Bye to ...


Mood Swing

Mental health

Insomnia icon


What you will learn? from this Pranayama Breathwork

Get a profound understanding of the ancient art of Pranayama and learn how to use your breath like a wonderful tool to start controlling all systems in your body. This course delivers the need-to-know information about guiding groups and individuals through Pranayama practices.


Yogpath Certificate

Get Certified for Pranayama from Yogpath and shine in your career. Yogpath is one of the most authentic Indian Yoga company with highest number of PH.D Yoga professionals.

Know Your Instructor

Shivam Bharadwaj – 8+ Years of Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama practice.  Work in India, UAE in different positions. In depth understading of core Yogic practice with MA – Yoga education.


  • Works with MDNYI as Yoga Instructor
  • Working with Yogpath 3+ Years
  • Participated in  10  Workshop in Yoga
  • Actively working on  Weight Loss Program
  • Instructing  200/500 Hours Course Online

Yogpath Program advisor and consultants

Over 8 prominent yoga gurus blessed this course with their advice and support to make it truly authentic and useful for everyone. The team of Yogpath advisors and consultant yoga gurus has an average yogic experience of more than 25 years in Yogic Lifestyle, Yogic Education, and the daily practice of Yogic wisdom.

Dr. B P Gaur

Over 40 Years of Experience PHD and researcher in Pranayama.

Dr. Ishwar Bharadwaj

38 Years of Yoga education ex-dean of Gurukul Kangrai University, Haridwar

Dr. Vikram Singh

30 Years of yoga and sport education. Director JNU

Dr. Kamakhaya Kumar

35 Years of Yoga and pranayama educationist head of Sanskriti University

Acharya Deepchand

Acharya ji has 44 years of yogic practice, pranayama and M.A. in yoga science

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

28 Years of Yoga research and professor at Svyasa

Dr. Ramesh Kumar

Yogic Science, Naturopathy and meditation guru based in almora

Dr. Vijay Ganesh

25 years of International Yoga experience, pranayama practitioner and research in yoga

is this online Live Course of Pranayama?

No, These are recorded video classes with access for 6 months. 

50-Hrs Pranayama Course Language?

This course is available in English as the primary Language, Hindi, Spanish, and French are coming soon. 

What are the Access Limit?

You will get access for 6 months.  If you want to continue access after 6 months you need to activate the yogpath mobile app subscription. the cost of the subscription is as below. 

1 Year – INR 4800

5 years – INR 19999

10 Years – INR 35000

What is Refund Policy?

These classes are non-refundable. So please check carefully before booking. Once you book the classes you can not get refunded or adjusted on any other courses or program. 

How to Make Payment?

There are multiple payment modes available.  For INR you can use Razorpay, UPI, or Stripe. 


How to Contact Support?

Support Team can be get contacted from given website contact information. 

You can reach us by WhatsApp- 91 85 87878711 or 

email marketing@yogpathwellness.com 

or Social media Message on Official Page of Yogpath 

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