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Yoga Classes

Largest Yogic practice and Daily Learning video for Your Lifestyle ailments. Available in Hindi and English

Group Session

Get access our free group doubt session. Yearly 24 free of Cost with Lifestyle Healing Club Membership subscription 

Yoga Course

Access premium contents of 50-hr Foundation course, 30 Days 30 Yoga Guru , 20 Hours pranayama Breathwork  and more 

Holistic Healing

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Anti-Stress Therapy

Daily Wellness with 20-25 Minutes of pranayama and Yoga Nidra in Evening help in Stress

Free Wrokshop

Our community support is always with you. Join free our 20-Must have online workshop for mental health, stress and insomnia free with membership

Heal Yourself With Supportive Care And Treatment

Holistic Wellness offers supportive yogic advice and treatment for chronic lifestyle diseases. Helping  with  mental health, physical health and unlimited WhatsApp support for all types of questions. Get  advice and support if suffering from stress, PTSD, or any other mental illness, our therapists and psychiatrists are determined to help everyone recover from their problems and trauma.
We believe that acknowledging your need for mental healthcare is the first step to a happy life. Book an appointment with us and begin your journey of recovery and self-care. Cost will be Per Session with 25% Discount for Members

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