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Reports suggest that 80% of People are Unhappy, Negative, and Mentally Toxic

Let's Fix this today. Join the Yogpath Happiness Coach course and become a happiness coach. Be Happy and Help others to be happy

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This course gives you happiness techniques that bring happiness from inside. Remove sadness and anger today

You will learn theories and practicals of happiness and become happy forever. This course is just the beginning of your mindfulness

4 out of 5

People Are Unhappy

4 out of 5

People are Mentally Toxic

How to be Happy?

Learn the Art of Happiness


Spread Happiness as coach

What you will learn?

You will learn from a system that is designed with scientific  methods and research of Years. This happiness course will bring you closer to yourself and also to our more than 3000+ hashya Yoga Center ( Happiness Yoga Center ).

How Happiness Works

Know your body and understand the negative tune of your mind and body

Train Your Mind

Train your mind to Secrete happiness hormones.


Be content and feel fulfilled with knowledge of happiness

Happiness Tools

Get happy with practical tool of happiness

Chakra Balancing

Understand the chakra and how it works to make yourself happy


Earn your happiness coach certificate from Yogpath and Promote Happiness

Starting your  Happiness Journey to unlock health for lifetime

Who will get benefited from this Happiness Course?



This happiness course is for your own happiness. so you must join this and make yourself happy.


Anyone wants to make a career in happiness and life coach can join this course and get certified with yogpath

Wellness Team

If you are in wellness, health and medical services, you can join this course to learn the science of happiness

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Rs 999

Book your happiness today and see the positive change in your thinking pattern

Yogpath Certificate

Get Certificate of Happiness Coach from Yogpath and shine in your career. Yogpath is one of the most authentic Indian yogic company with highest number of PH.D Yoga professionals.

Know Your Coach

Sunil Gupta –  Happiness  Coach

Having more than 20+ years of experience in the field and participated in several research works on happiness, social services, and other activities that empower the community with health, wealth, and happiness.

Sunil Gupta is not just launching this course to give you an idea of happiness, instead, he is the true follower of happiness in its words and spirit.

A true social worker associated with Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad (affiliated with Ekal Abhiyan). Ekal runs about 100,000 free schools for underprivileged children in tribal /backward villages.

Co-Founder- 3000+ Hasya Yoga Happiness Centres
Co-Founder – Yogpath Wellness
Co-Author – of a Book with Brian Tracy (International best selling Canadian-American author)

Wellness Speaker – Conducted 100+ Trainings/Workshops on wellness, health ,beauty & happiness

Media Coverage – Participated/ Interviewed on different TV Channels and coverage on several media outlet

Making Future Happy – workshop on partnership with leading Schools in DELHI NCR for children’s growth and mindful happiness

Buy Your happiness Toolkit Today

Rs 999

Book your happiness today and see the positive change in your thinking pattern

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