150-HRS Wellness Coach Certification – Hindi – Dual Certification

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About Course

A 150-hour Yoga and Wellness Coach Certification program that includes dual certification opportunities.

Course Title: Yoga and Wellness Coach Certification (150 Hours)

Module 1: Introduction to Yoga and Wellness (20 hours)

1.1. Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

1.2. Historical Origins and Evolution of Yoga

1.3. Principles of Yoga

1.4. Yoga Styles and Traditions

1.5. Introduction to Ayurveda

1.6. Ayurvedic Principles for Wellness

Module 2: Asana and Pranayama (40 hours)

2.1. Foundations of Asana Practice

2.2. Key Yoga Poses and Alignment

2.3. Sun Salutations and Flow Sequences

2.4. Pranayama Techniques and Benefits

2.5. Teaching Asana Effectively

2.6. Teaching Pranayama Safely

Module 3: Anatomy and Physiology (30 hours)

3.1. Anatomy of Skeletal and Muscular Systems

3.2. Respiratory System and Its Function in Yoga

3.3. Nervous System and Yoga

3.4. Chakras and Nadis: Energy Anatomy

3.5. Common Injuries in Yoga and Prevention

3.6. Yoga and the Endocrine System

Module 4: Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle (20 hours)

4.1. Overview of Classical Yoga Texts

4.2. The Eight Limbs of Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga)

4.3. Yamas and Niyamas: Ethical Guidelines

4.4. Yoga as a Lifestyle: Diet and Nutrition

4.5. Meditation and Mindfulness in Yoga

4.6. The Role of Karma and Dharma

Module 5: Teaching Methodology (30 hours)

5.1. Effective Communication in Yoga Teaching

5.2. Classroom Management and Safety

5.3. Sequencing Yoga Classes

5.4. Adapting Yoga for Different Levels

5.5. Special Populations: Prenatal, Seniors, etc.

5.6. Providing Hands-On Adjustments

Module 6: Ayurveda and Holistic Wellness (30 hours)

6.1. The Five Elements in Ayurveda

6.2. Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha

6.3. Ayurvedic Constitution and Wellness

6.4. Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition

6.5. Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices

6.6. Integrating Ayurveda with Yoga

Module 7: Meditation and Mindfulness (20 hours)

7.1. Introduction to Meditation Techniques

7.2. Mindfulness and Its Applications

7.3. Guided Meditation Practices

7.4. Meditation for Stress Reduction

7.5. Meditation for Emotional Balance

7.6. Developing a Personal Meditation Practice

Module 8: Yoga Therapy and Healing (30 hours)

8.1. Yoga for Back Pain and Posture

8.2. Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

8.3. Yoga for Digestive Health

8.4. Yoga for Emotional Well-being

8.5. Yoga for Common Health Conditions

8.6. Yoga Nidra and Deep Relaxation

Module 9: Diet, Nutrition, and Behavior Science (30 hours)

9.1. Fundamentals of Nutrition

9.2. Macro and Micronutrients

9.3. Dietary Guidelines for Wellness

9.4. Nutrition for Different Body Types

9.5. Eating Disorders and Behavior Science

9.6. Mindful Eating and Emotional Eating

Module 10: Business and Ethics (10 hours)

10.1. Setting Up a Yoga and Wellness Coaching Practice

10.2. Legal and Regulatory Considerations

10.3. Marketing and Promoting Your Services

10.4. Ethics in Yoga Teaching and Coaching

10.5. Building Client Relationships

10.6. Financial Management for Wellness Coaches

Module 11: Practicum and Final Assessments (20 hours)

11.1. Teaching Practice and Feedback

11.2. Final Written Exam Preparation

11.3. Practical Teaching Assessments

11.4. Final Project: Designing a Wellness Program

11.5. Case Studies in Yoga Therapy

11.6. Graduation Requirements and Portfolio

Module 12: Wellness opportunity and Communication Science  (10 hours)

12.1. Why communication skills is important for wellness Coach

12.2. Blueprint for 6 Figure Income as Wellness Coach

12.3. Expanding Business Beyond Traditional Methods

12.4. Technology Based Wellness System

12.5. Yogpath Opportunities

Additional Requirements:

  • How to Get Dual Certificate
  • Self-study and Study Materials
  • Final exam – Theories and practical
  • Practical teaching assessments
  • Minimum hours of personal practice
  • Wellness Internship for 2 Months is mandatory to get certificate

This course outline covers a broad spectrum of topics, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped to teach yoga and offer wellness coaching with a deep understanding of both the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga, as well as holistic wellness principles aligned with Ayurveda and Ayush Ministry standards. The program should also include opportunities for students to gain practical experience and demonstrate their knowledge and skills.


Note – About the Certificate from YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Certification) and YCB (Yoga Certification Board) under the Ayush Ministry can cover a comprehensive range of topics and practices. You will get Yogpath Certificate free of cost, But for the certification from YCB ( Rs 6500 or USD 199 will be extra ) and Rs 7500 for the Yoga Alliance Certificate need to be Paid  and Yoga Alliance certificate will be for 200 Hours only. 

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What Will You Learn?

  • Foundation of Yoga
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Behaviors Science
  • 6-Figure Income Blueprint for Wellness Coach
  • Yoga and Lifestyle wellness

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