200-Hour Pranayama Teacher Training – Hybrid Mode

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About Course

This comprehensive 200-hour Pranayama Teacher Training course is designed for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of pranayama, the ancient yogic art of breath control. This hybrid program combines the flexibility of online learning with the personal touch of in-person sessions, offering students a unique and enriching educational experience. With one-year access to a vast library of recorded video classes, participants can learn at their own pace while still benefiting from direct guidance and support from experienced instructors.

The course covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of breathing techniques to advanced pranayama practices, along with relevant anatomy, physiology, and the philosophical underpinnings of yoga. It is ideal for yoga practitioners of all levels, aspiring pranayama teachers, and anyone interested in exploring the transformative power of breath.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy 

  • Understanding Pranayama: History and Evolution
  • Overview of Yoga Sutras and Pranayama in Classical Texts
  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga with a focus on Pranayama
  • Ethics and Responsibilities of a Pranayama Teacher

Module 2: Anatomy and Physiology 

  • Respiratory Anatomy and the Science of Breathing
  • Understanding the Nervous System in Relation to Breath
  • Energy Anatomy: Chakras and Nadis
  • Effects of Pranayama on Body and Mind

Module 3: Foundations of Pranayama Practice

  • Basics of Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Techniques: Anulom Vilom, Ujjayi, Kapalabhati, Bhramari, etc.
  • Breath Awareness and Mindfulness Practices
  • Safe Practice Guidelines and Contraindications

Module 4: Advanced Pranayama Techniques 

  • Mastery of Bandhas (Energy Locks) and Their Role in Pranayama
  • Advanced Breathing Techniques and their Variations
  • Integrating Mudras in Pranayama Practice
  • Pranayama for Specific Health Conditions

Module 5: Teaching Methodology 

  • Designing Pranayama Classes for Different Levels
  • Effective Cueing and Instruction Techniques
  • Addressing Individual Needs in a Group Setting
  • Use of Props and Modifications for Inclusivity

Module 6: Practicum and Hands-On Training 

  • Student Teaching and Peer Feedback Sessions
  • Real-Time Classroom Management and Student Engagement
  • Assessment of Teaching Skills and Personal Practice
  • Final Evaluation and Feedback

Module 7: Additional Resources and Continuous Learning 

  • Access to One-Year Recorded Video Classes Library
  • Continued Education Opportunities and Resources
  • Building a Career as a Pranayama Teacher
  • Community Engagement and Networking

Assessment and Certification:

  • Continuous Assessment through Assignments and Quizzes
  • Final Practical and Theoretical Examination
  • Certification as a 200-Hour Pranayama Teacher upon Successful Completion

Duration: This course is designed to be completed over a period of 6 to 8 months, with the flexibility to extend up to one year, depending on the student’s pace of learning and schedule.

Mode of Delivery: Hybrid – Combination of live online sessions, in-person workshops, and access to a comprehensive library of recorded video classes for one year.

Target Audience: Yoga practitioners of all levels, aspiring yoga teachers, and anyone with an interest in deepening their understanding of pranayama and breathwork.


Course Delivery Details:

  1. 50 Group Sessions:
    • These sessions are interactive and designed for group learning, enabling students to engage with peers and instructors in real-time.
    • Topics covered include foundational and advanced pranayama techniques, yoga philosophy, and teaching methodologies.
    • Group sessions foster a sense of community, offering opportunities for discussion, Q&A, and shared experiences.
  2. 10 Personal One-to-One Sessions:
    • These personalized sessions offer direct interaction with an experienced instructor, tailored to the individual’s learning pace and specific interests.
    • Ideal for addressing personal practice questions, receiving customized guidance, and refining teaching techniques.
    • These sessions provide an opportunity for in-depth feedback and mentorship.
  3. 10 Teaching Sessions:
    • In these sessions, students will practice teaching pranayama to a group, under the supervision and guidance of a mentor.
    • Focuses on developing effective communication skills, class management, and the ability to create inclusive and engaging class environments.
    • Feedback from these sessions is crucial for the development of teaching skills and confidence.
  4. 5 Workshops:
    • Intensive workshops focusing on specialized topics such as advanced breathing techniques, integrating pranayama with meditation, and therapeutic applications of breathwork.
    • Workshops may include guest lectures from experts in the field of yoga and breathwork.
    • Hands-on learning experience to deepen practical understanding and application of pranayama.
  5. 100-Hours of Recorded Video Sessions:
    • A comprehensive library of pre-recorded video sessions accessible for one year, allowing for flexible, self-paced learning.
    • Includes a wide range of topics from basic breathing techniques to complex pranayama practices and theoretical knowledge.
    • Perfect for revisiting and reinforcing live session teachings, ensuring a thorough grasp of the course material.

This multifaceted delivery approach ensures a well-rounded educational experience, catering to various learning styles and schedules, and providing ample opportunity for both theoretical learning and practical application.

Join our transformative journey beginning on 5th April 2024 with our 200-Hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course. Secure your spot by registering before 25th March 2024, as we offer limited seats to ensure a personalized and in-depth learning experience.

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What Will You Learn?

  • 14 Different types of Pranayama (Breathwork) Techniques and their Variations
  • Full Yogic Breath - Open up the energy systems
  • Ujjayi Pranayama (Ocean's Breath) - Create inner silence
  • Breath of fire (Bhastrika Pranayama) - Awaken the fire within
  • Kapalbhati Pranayama (Skull Shining Breath) - Cleanse your body and mind
  • Kaki Pranayama (Crow's Beak Breath) - Focus the Mind
  • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing) - Bring balance to your life
  • Bhramari Pranayama (Humming Bee Breath) - Soak in bliss
  • Surya Bhedana Pranayama (Right Nostril Breathing) - Activate the solar energy
  • Chandra Bhedana Pranayama (Left Nostril Breathing) - Activate the lunar energy
  • Kumbhaka Pranayama (Breath Retention Techniques)
  • Sheetali Pranayama (Cooling Breath) - Cool down the body and mind
  • Sheetkari Pranayama (The Hissing Breath) - Experience the cooling effect
  • Sama Vritti (Equal/ Box Breathing) - Reduce the stress levels
  • Viloma Pranayama (Reverse Breathing) - Control the Natural Flow of Breath
  • Ashtanga Yoga & Pranayama
  • Practical Pranayama Classes combined with Guided Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Four aspects of Pranayama and the Five Koshas (sheaths)
  • Chakras and their influence on life
  • Secrets of Respiration and Nervous System
  • Five types of Prana and Pranayama's health benefits
  • Ancient Pranayama/ Breathing Techniques as per Yogic Texts

Course Content

Philosophy of Pranayama ( breathing Technique )

  • 05:16
  • 5 Factors Influencing the Mind
  • Brahma Muhurta
  • Nasikgra Nasagra Drishti (Nose Tip Gazing)
  • Guidelines Of Pranayama

Ashtanga Yoga

Importance of Sitting
( alignment of Sitting Position for Pranayama )

Anatomy & Physiology of Pranayama

Beyond the Physical Body

Pran Vidya ( Knolwedge of Prana )
knowledge of pran vidya and why this is important to find pran

Full Yogic Breathing ( 3 Parts and Practical )

Asana Practice – Few Most Important Poses you Must learn

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama
(Alternate Nostril Breathing ) 30 lecture of Nadi shodhna and practical details of alternate nostril Breathing

Bhramari Pranayama
Bhramari Pranayama ( Humming Bee Breathing ) & Practice

Sheetali Pranayama
( cooling Breath ) & Practical Classes

Sheetkari Pranayama
( hissing Breath) & Practical Classes

Surya Bhedna Pranayama
Surya Bhedna Pranayama ( right Nostril Breathing ) and practical Session

Chandra Bhedana Pranayama
Chandra Bhedana Pranayama ( left Nostril Breathing ) & Practical Classes

Kumbhaka Pranayama
(breath Retention ) and Practice Classes

Samavritti Pranayaama
( equalising Breath / Square Breathing )

Ujjayi Pranayama
( ocean's Breath / Victorious Breath ) and Practical Classes

Kaki Pranayama
Kaki Pranayama ( Crow's Beak Breathing ) & practice

Kapalbhati Pranayama
( skull shining breathing technique ) and Practical Classes

Viloma Pranayama
( reverse/ Interrupted Breath ) & Practical

Bhastrika Pranayama
( Bellows Breath) & Practical Classes

Bandhas ( Body Locks )

Bahya Pranayama

Murcha Pranayama

Plavini Pranayama

Pranayama and meditation

Pranayama for Lifestyle

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