Yoga for Hypertension and Cardio

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About Course

This 10-hour recorded video series is designed to help individuals manage hypertension and improve cardiovascular health through the practice of yoga. Each video focuses on specific yoga poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods tailored to address hypertension and overall heart health. By the end of this course, participants will have a solid foundation in using yoga as a complementary approach to maintain a healthy heart.

 Introduction to Yoga for Hypertension and Cardio 

  • Introduction to the course and instructor
  • Explanation of hypertension and its impact on cardiovascular health
  • Overview of how yoga can benefit hypertension and heart health
  • Guided relaxation and breathing exercises

 Yoga Basics and Breath Awareness 

  • Fundamental yoga postures for beginners
  • Breath awareness and pranayama techniques
  • Learning to synchronize breath with movement
  • Gentle warm-up exercises

Yoga for Stress Reduction 

  • Understanding the role of stress in hypertension
  • Stress-reduction yoga poses and techniques
  • Guided relaxation and meditation for stress relief
  • Tips for incorporating relaxation into daily life

Yoga for Blood Pressure Regulation 

  • Specific yoga poses for lowering and regulating blood pressure
  • Breathing exercises for hypertension management
  • Yoga sequences for hypertension control
  • Safety precautions and modifications

Yoga for Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Dynamic yoga sequences to improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Strength-building poses and flows
  • Yoga for maintaining a healthy weight
  • Importance of consistent practice

Yoga for Heart Health and Mindfulness 

  • Yoga poses for heart health and vitality
  • Mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Emotional well-being and its impact on heart health
  • Techniques for cultivating a positive mindset

Yoga for Relaxation and Sleep 

  • Restorative yoga poses for relaxation
  • Yoga nidra (yogic sleep) for better sleep
  • Breathwork for insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Creating a peaceful bedtime routine

Yoga for Energy and Vitality

  • Yoga poses to boost energy levels
  • Pranayama techniques for vitality
  • Yoga for mental clarity and focus
  • Incorporating yoga into a daily routine

Daily practice of 30-40 minutes will lead to higher performance

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Course Content

Yogic Practice

  • Yoga for Hypertension
  • Yoga for High blood pressure Part-1
  • Yoga for High blood pressure Part-2
  • Practice- High Blood Pressure Yoga
  • Yoga for heart Chakra
  • Hypertension Yoga with Dr Bhaskar Hindustani
  • Yoga for Hypertension by Dr Sanjay Kumar
  • Yoga for Mindfulness By Dipeshwar Singh


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